Health Chef® Ambassadors

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with foreign trade associations, here you’ll find the establishments that have joined the project where you can taste what Health Chef® has to offer.

Aldo Moro – Restaurant

Aldo Moro – Restaurant

Montagnana – PD

Health Chef Dishes

  1. Beet, herb and gorgonzola cheese crepe (First course)
  2. “La Rinascita”: risotto with strawberries, mint, lemon and birch sap (First course)
  3. Reverse ravioli (First course)
  4. Salad in saòr (Second course)

Antica Trattoria Ballotta

Antica Trattoria Ballotta

Torreglia – PD

Health Chef Dishes

  1. “Ballottini” with snapper, scallop ragu, shrimp and squash blossoms (First course)
  2. Paccheri di Gragnano pasta on eggplant cream sauce, confit cherry tomatoes, cuttlefish and crispy bread (First course)

Barnes Gallery

Barnes Gallery

Camin – PD

Health Chef Dish

  1. Filleted sea bass from the Veneto valleys, marinated in red citrus, EVO oil (Euganean Hills) and ginger with black rice cooked by absorption and avocado tartar and tardivo radicchio from Treviso (Second course)



Padova – PD

Health Chef Menu

Menu #1
Red Turnip Tartare – Pumpkin Flan – Vegetable Basmati – Chili

Menu #2
Red Turnip Tartare – Pumpkin Flan – Vegetable Basmati – Bean Burger

Il Giardino – green restaurant

Il Giardino – green restaurant

Salzano – VE

Health Chef Menu

  1. Carpaccio of paprika-infused chickpea flour slices with fig and goat robiola quenelle (Appetizer)
  2. Autumn quinoa on creamed pumpkin and chickpeas (First course)
  3. Tofu mousse with radicchio and walnuts (Second course)

Le Clementine – Agritourism

Le Clementine – Agritourism

Badia Polesine – RO

Health Chef Dishes

  1. Luciana and Clementina’s soup (First Course)
  2. Sliced turkey on a bed of herbs drizzled with dried orange blossom and served with garnish of carrots or zucchini sautéed with marjoram (Second course)



Padova – PD

Health Chef Dish

  1. CBT* tombarello with fennel salad, natural orange, toasted pumpkin seeds, Leccino olive crumble and whole wheat bread slices (Appetizer)
    *CBT= cooked at low temperature

Ytheca by Fiorital

Ytheca by Fiorital

Padova – PD

Health Chef Menu

  1. Scottadito sardines and cuttlefish on steamed broccoli and hazelnut crumble
  2. Spaghetti from Mancini (a pastry-maker) with langoustine busara, cherry tomato, lobster bisque and fresh basil leaves
  3. Cream of pumpkin soup with seared scallop and parsley flavored oil
  4. Seared amberjack with curled salad and almonds

Primo a tavola

Giuseppe Amaro

Oltre Il Giardino


Locanda Baggio

Osteria Ripasso

Il Giardino - green restaurant

Al bivio degli artisti Restaurant

Bistrot Foresteria

Corte Villa Rossi Restaurant

Parco Gambrinus Restaurant

Il Profumo della Freschezza

Pizzeria All'Incrocio

Le Querce Restaurant


Barnes Gallery

Alba Agritourism

Forno Antico Agritourism

Dei Ciliegi Agritourism

Al Vecchio Borgo Agritourism

Le Noci Agritourism

Ai Casoni Agritourism

La Restera del Sile Agritourism

La Collina delle Api Agritourism

Calronche Agritourism

Arneroni Agritourism

Valbaré Agritourism

Althea Agritourism

Il Podere Agritourism

Ca' Nea Agritourism

Ai Bagolari Agritourism

Dal Moro Agritourism

Ytheca by Fiorital

Tola Rasa

Rivoluzione Pizza

Restaurant Val Pomaro

Restaurant Storie d'amore

Restaurant Ca' Novena

Restaurant Boccadoro

Restaurant Belle Parti

Restaurant Al Pirio


Pasticceria Embasy

Pasticceria da Angelo

Osterie Meccaniche


Golosi di Natura


Gelateria Ciokkolatte

Fresco Pizza & Cucina Conviviale

Country House il Bucaneve

Bocon Divino

Antica Trattoria Ballotta

Agritourism Capeeto

Agritourism Bio La buona Terra


Agritourism Le Clementine

Trattoria dalla Marianna

Restaurant Aldo Moro

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