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In order to make its services as efficient and easy to use as possible, this site uses cookies. Therefore, when you visit the Site, a minimum amount of information is entered into the User’s device, such as small text files called “cookies”, which are saved in the User’s Web browser directory. There are different types of cookies, but basically the main purpose of a cookie is to make the site work more effectively and to enable certain features.

Cookies are used to improve the overall navigation of the User. In particular:

  • They allow you to navigate efficiently from one page of the website to another.
  • They store the username and preferences entered.
  • They allow you to avoid entering the same information (such as username and password) several times during the visit.
  • They measure the use of services by Users, to optimize the browsing experience and the services themselves.
  • They present targeted advertising information based on the interests and behavior shown by the User during navigation.
  • There are various types of cookies. Below are the types of cookies that can be used on the Site with a description of the purpose linked to their use.

Our site uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies

Cookies of this type are necessary for the correct functioning of some areas of the site. Cookies in this category include both persistent cookies and session cookies. In the absence of these cookies, the site or some portions of it may not function properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of user preferences. Cookies in this category are always sent from our domain.

Analytical cookies

Cookies of this type are used to collect information on the use of the site. The Owner uses this information for statistical analyses, to improve the site and simplify its use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information about user activity on the site and how they arrived at the site and the pages visited. Cookies in this category are sent from the site itself or from third-party domains.


These cookies will be installed only if the site owner enables the related functions made available by the platform. In particular:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA), for chronology purposes, visit counting, navigation statistics. The information and privacy notes relating to the functioning and consent to the use of Google cookies are available at the following links:

Information on “How Google uses data when you use our partner sites or applications”:

Information on Google Analytics cookies: and https:/

How to refuse Google Analytics cookies: You need to download and install the browser plug-in available at the following link:

Information and general notes on Google services:

This cookie is activated only with the express consent of the interested party.

Google: Google social plugins are managed by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). The Google plugins are represented by the Google logo which can be found on the web pages of the site. When you visit a page on the site that contains a plugin of this type, your browser connects directly to Google’s servers. The content of the Plugin is directly transmitted by Google to the browser, which then incorporates it into the site. We therefore have no control over the data that Google collects via the Plugin. If you do not want Google to be able to link your visit to the pages of the site to your Google account, you must log out of your google account before accessing the site. The purpose and scope of the data collection, their subsequent processing and use by Google, as well as your rights in this matter and the various possible settings to protect your privacy can be found in the Google data protection guidelines regarding Plugins:

Facebook: The Facebook social plugins are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States of America. The Facebook plugins are represented by the Facebook logo or the “Like-Button” (“Like” or “Like”) which can be found on the website pages. You can find an overview of the Facebook plugins here: These plug-ins are used for content sharing. To use these plugins, Facebook provides a cookie necessary for their operation. When you visit pages on the site that contain the plugin, it establishes a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. Facebook then receives the information that you have visited the site with your IP address. If you click on the Facebook “Like” button while you are logged into your Facebook account, you can link the content of the pages you visit to your Facebook profile. In this way Facebook can correlate the visit to the site with the user account you are using. If you do not want Facebook to be able to make such a connection, you must log out of your Facebook account before accessing the site. It should be noted that we are not aware of the content of the transmitted data, nor of the use made of it by Facebook. For more information, please see Facebook’s privacy policy at and the following link:

Twitter: The Twitter social plug-in is operated by Twitter Inc. (795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA). An analytical illustration of the individual plug-ins provided can be found at the following link:

Twitter’s Privacy Policy can, however, be consulted at the following address.

YouTube: YouTube is a service that allows you to integrate videos into your site provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). For more information consultGoogle, privacy and terms. This cookie is activated only with the express consent of the interested party.

Doubleclick: is a service that allows you to measure interactions with ads on the partner’s or advertiser’s domain and to avoid showing the same ads too many times to the same user. For more information consult Google, privacy and terms. This cookie is activated only with the express consent of the interested party.

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